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Rezeo: Zeolite stones - natural treatment for water purification

Rezeo: Zeolite stones - natural treatment for water purification

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Rezeo is a natural Rhodope zeolite in the form of stones designed for soaking in water, for effective and natural water ionization .

Zeolite stones are a natural mineral mined in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains. Zeolite is a safe and non-toxic natural remedy whose healing qualities and properties make it one of the most popular healing minerals of the 20th century.

What are the health benefits of drinking water with zeolite?

Scientific research proves many different benefits of zeolite treatment, which are often described as miraculous, hence its popular name - Rhodope miracle. The fact is, however, that the natural mineral, taken in various forms, including through ionized zeolite water, can benefit your body in several key ways:


Zeolite stones as a powerful antioxidant

Between 3 kg and 4 kg of "dead weight" is removed from the body within the first month of taking zeolite alone. Dead weight is expressed in the disposal of slags accumulated in the body. At the same time, the mineral appears to be the most powerful detox agent, providing protection against free radicals.

Improves muscle tone

Improves muscle tone

Zeolite removes the lactic acid contained in the muscles, which leads to the effective improvement of muscle tone. This makes the mineral an extremely natural remedy for athletes to take in order to recover faster when following intense training regimes.

 cancer cell formation

Minimizes the risk of cancer cell formation

With its properties to eliminate the process of accumulation of heavy metals in the body and to remove various toxins from the body, zeolite reduces the risk of formation and development of tumor cells. Many medical professionals prescribe zeolite as an adjunctive treatment for malignant tumor diseases.


Achieving acid-base balance

With the use of zeolite stones, used to ionize the water, you get natural alkaline water. By taking it you help your biochemical balance. Those who use zeolite, including zeolite water, see improvements in their blood biochemistry. The mineral also promotes easier absorption of other important nutrients.

Immune system

Favours the immunostimulating functions of the body

It has a good immunostimulating effect, which provides protection against diseases, viruses, bacteria and infections in a wide spectrum. Zeolite not only stimulates the immune system but also helps it to function optimally naturally. Those taking it report improved tone and energy

digestive processes

Has a positive effect on digestive processes

With its complex action, the mineral also improves digestive processes. Taking zeolite for weight loss is among its common uses, as it naturally helps to neutralize fat and remove toxins from the cells that are linked to the appearance of excess weight.

You can benefit from the beneficial properties of zeolite by taking various zeolite products.These are available in various forms, including convenient to use zeolite powder capsules zeolite powder.

Why buy zeolite stones from Bento Health?

Bento Health has years of experience in selecting, processing and offering certified and completely safe natural products. Bento Health is a brand inspired by the richness and benefits that natural minerals have.

The zeolite stones we offer are 100% natural products containing the mineral clinoptilolite. They are extracted from the zeolite rock deposits in the Rhodope Mountains.

The natural product Rezeo is available in the form of zeolite stones designed to be soaked in water in order to effectively ionize it. The resulting structured water can be taken by everyone in the family as it has a preventive detoxifying effect on the body and serves to maintain good general health.

Zeolite stones - how are they used?

100 g. of zeolite stones can ionize up to 5 litres of water - this ratio should also be applied in the case of using the stones for water ionization and in smaller quantities. The stones should only be used with distilled, mineral or spring water. The stones should be left in the water for at least 8 hours before consumption for the mineral to have any effect. It is a good idea to increase your daily water intake by at least 0.500 litres once you start using the mineral to ionize the water.

The stones do not need to be replaced when all the water has been consumed. You can benefit from their properties for up to about 3 months, after which you can replace them with new ones.