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Bento Health: 100% pure bentonite for stomach health

Bento Health: 100% pure bentonite for stomach health

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Bento Health is a dietary supplement in the form of bentonite capsules for drinking.

It improves gastrointestinal function and relieves symptoms in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

What is Bentonite and how does it affect the body?

Bentonite ( smectite) is a type of absorbent clay formed by the decomposition of volcanic ash. It contains a large amount of minerals belonging to the smectite group - aqueous aluminium silicates containing iron, magnesium, sodium and calcium.

The main mineral in the composition of bentonite is Montmorillonite and it is to it that the beneficial effects on the human body are attributed.

Metabolic waste

Absorbs metabolic wastes

Bentonite attracts, retains and facilitates the elimination of waste substances from the gastrointestinal tract, while helping to absorb beneficial vitamins and minerals.


Absorbs fat in the digestive tract

In addition to biological and mechanical pollutants, bentonite also "absorbs" excess fat, thereby aiding efforts to combat obesity and excess weight.


Balances acidity levels in the body

In its role as a strong alkalizing agent, bentonite improves the alkaline-acid balance in the body - a key factor for the proper function of all organs and systems in the body.

Harmful bacteria

Eliminates harmful bacteria in the stomach and intestines

Montmorillonite acts against harmful microorganisms in two ways: mechanically - by direct penetration and destruction, and chemically - by deprivation of nutrients.

heavy metals

Absorbs and removes toxins and heavy metals

The strong detoxifying effect of bentonite serves as natural prevention and relieves symptoms in a number of conditions such as diabetes, kidney failure, metabolic diseases, etc.

Regulates the body's own immune response

Elimination of harmful bacteria, healthy microflora, detoxification and balancing Ph levels have been proven to improve the body's own defenses.

Worldwide, a number of studies have been conducted that demonstrate both the therapeutic benefits of bentonite and its safety after prolonged oral intake.

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Why choose natural bentonite powder from Bento Health?

The Bento Health Group has been marketing its products for over 20 years: a period during which it has invested in the creation of purified and certified natural nutritional supplements made from precisely selected raw materials.

Bentonite capsules manufactured by Bento Health contain 100% triple purified bentonite clay - no artificial additives, salt, yeast, gluten, milk derivatives, preservatives, colors, flavors or sweeteners.

The natural mineral product comes in the form of a dietary supplement suitable for intake without restrictions in age, lifestyle and health status. It is compatible with various types of diets - including and especially in people with stomach problems and diagnosed metabolic diseases.

Recent studies have shown that informed dietary intake of bentonite leads to a reduction of common diseases in humans and animals by between 40 and 60%.

Composition and recommendations for the intake of natural bentonite Bento Health

Ingredients: 100% natural purified sodium bentonite with high montmorillonite content.

Recommended daily intake: 2 capsules 2 times daily before meals.

The package contains 120 capsules of 800 mg bentonite, enough for a one-month preventive or curative course.