• Bento Health Natural products with minerals for the entire family.

    Nutritional supplements and cosmetics with natural minerals - purified, certified and of pharmaceutical quality.

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  • Опит в бентонита

    20+ years of experience in bentonite and zeolite product manufacturing

  • Собствени находища

    Selected raw materials from own deposits

  • Опит

    Application of international knowledge and experience

  • Семейство

    From our family to yours

  • България

    Made in EU

Family tradition

Feedback from our customers

  • I am pleasantly surprised by the benefits of this product. It has an extremely fast and beneficial effect on peristalsis, and it seems to seriously help purify the body-especially useful for me before and after taking more serious amounts of food or drink. I recommend!

    Maria Blagoeva

  • Zeo Health is a product that helps me detoxify with ease and keep my body clean and toxin free

    Gabriela Belovezhdova

    Gabriela Belovezhdova

  • I am extremely satisfied with the Bento Health product. Thanks to it I feel great and no longer have stomach problems. I highly recommend it, especially for people with a problematic gut and stomach.

  • Bento Health capsules are great. They have helped me deal with an irregular stomach. Personally, this is one supplement that should be in every home.

    Anelia Stoyanova

  • For quite some time, due to bad food and a stressful daily life, I suffered from acute gastritis with nausea and pain.

    Since taking "Bento Health" I have had symptom relief. The pain and nausea are gone.

    I happily recommend it to my friends and family.

    Borislav Ilchev

    Borislav Ilchev

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